Who We are & what We do?

We're professional buyers. We buy & sell in GREAT prices to give our customers what they need.

We are proffesional buyers

We attend all possible Fairs across Europe and US. We only import products we are able to buy in best posiblle prices. We buy from companies around Europe which often want to sell it out. Thats why we guarantee really good price deals.

We work with Amazon UK

75% of all products in our on line shop are stored in 4 huge Amazon Delivery centers across UK: Doncaster, London, Manchaster and Leeds. Majority of our products are delivered within 24 hours in UK. Such solution lowers our storage costs by 50%!

How it all started?

All our staff come from companies connected to furniture and furniture accessories businesses. Now we turn all our connections into great price deals!

  • Camille Siedzielnik

    Trade Director
  • Pablo Berinski

    Sales Administration Manager
  • Pamela Green

    Delivery & Customer Support
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